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Jill Lawrence Parenting and Life Coach

I love this analogy!!! ❤️ ☕️:

You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you 🤦🏼‍♀️or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere.

Why did you spill the coffee? 🤔

"Well because someone bumped into me, of course!"🤷🏼‍♀️

Wrong answer.

You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup.

Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea.

*Whatever is inside the cup, is what will spill out.*

Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. It's easy to fake it, until you get rattled.
*So we have to ask ourselves... “what's in my cup?"

When life gets tough, what spills over?

Joy, gratefulness, peace and humility?💓

Or anger, bitterness, harsh words and reactions? 💣

You choose! 💯

Today let's work towards filling our cups with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, words of affirmation; and kindness, gentleness and love for others.🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻
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Taking care of the little things. Making your bed. Regularly doing your share of the household chores. Helping one another. Teamwork. Not giving up when the going gets tough or when you fail to achieve a goal. The values we teach our children and model in our daily lives are key to their success, their happiness and to the wellbeing of those around them. Start with the little things and start when your children are little!

Former US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven, conquers his day with this one small task in the morning
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How much do we value creativity? Should we value it more? Creativity is fun! But its value reaches well beyond the arts to affect every discipline, and to impact the social and economic well-being of society. It is fundamental to problem solving, making connections and making things happen. As parents we can use our influence to help ensure that is is nurtured in our homes and schools and well beyond childhood.

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original."

Watch SirKenRobinson's classic TED Talk about how schools can nurture creativity: bit.ly/2rsrove #TeacherAppreciationDay
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Claudette Baker x

8 months ago

Jill Lawrence Parenting and Life Coach

We need to teach our children this and remember it ourselves!Because emotions are data, not directives, YOU decide what to do with that data.

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We need to teach our children this and remember it ourselves!