Parenting is not easy! Most of us learn on the job or fall back on our childhood experience of parenting. We are given no instructions or training.

Family life is more complex than in the past. Children today have opportunities but also face fierce competition and many pressures. Parents have to cope with time pressures and financial worries, the challenges of the online world, rising levels of anxiety and mental health problems, increased use of alcohol and drugs and changing social norms. We know much more about child development and have more access to information and support. But we also have limited time and only one opportunity to parent our children, the adults of the future.

We must not forget however that harmony and happiness depend upon the needs of both parent and child being met. It is often our attitude or behaviour that is the problem, not our child’s! Understanding this is key to being the parents we want to be and bringing the change we want to see.

Parenting is probably the most difficult, the most important and the BEST job we will ever have. Some help and relevant training or coaching makes it easier and more rewarding for all.

Parental Counselling Surrey

“Parenting is the job for which we receive least training. Parents are often blamed, but never trained.”

Dr Thomas Gordon

Parenting and You offers:

Specialist parent training and personal support in the form of accredited courses, workshops and one-on-one consultations. Courses and workshops are available to individuals, couples, groups of friends or colleagues, schools, nurseries and businesses.

Personal life coaching for all individuals, whether or not they are parents. It is tailored, supportive and effective whatever your reason for trying it.

What is coaching?

Put simply, a coach guides a person from where they are to where they want to be. A coach does not give advice as the objective is that the client discovers their own ability and strength to help themselves, with guidance and support to push beyond emotional and historic barriers.


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